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Harry Potter Fans Want to Purchase This Polish Castle and LARP in it Forever

Last November, a 13th-century castle in southwestern Poland turned into a real-life Hogwarts for 180 costumed Harry Potter fans who roamed its grounds pretending to be witches and wizards for a whole weekend. This particular "live action role play" (LARP) extravaganza was so successful that the organizers have already sold out two more "College of Wizardry" events for this year. And now, they're back with a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, hoping to raise at least $50,000 to put on another run in November this year—or better yet, $1M, so they can buy their own castle and set up a permanent school of sorcery.

Built in the mid-1200s for a Bohemian king, Poland's Czocha Castle (shown in the photos below) is the current home of "College of Wizardry" events. The medieval fortress was remodeled by Bodo Ebhardt, a German architect and castle specialist, in the early 1900s. And since the 1990s, it's been open to the public as a hotel and conference center.

If the "College of Wizardry" team manages to raise $1M (so far, they've reached $25,182 with 57 days to go), however, they'd like to "buy and refurbish a honest-to-Merlin castle" (such as the one seen above) and "throw the craziest opening party ever." In the meantime, for a taste of Harry Potter's world without all LARPing, there's always the London hotel newly done up to look like in Hogwarts dorms.

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