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Someone Finally Bought Jon Bon Jovi's Lavish NYC Penthouse

Jon Bon Jovi isn't halfway to selling his home anymore—he's all the way there. The Daily News reports that the rocker has finally offloaded his massive duplex apartment, which has sat on the market for more than two years. First it was mere rumor that he wanted to offload the 7,400-square-foot palace for $45 million. The five-bedroom with a sprawling terrace officially listed for $42 million in March 2013, then got PriceChopped that fall to $39.9M. It disappeared from the market for awhile before returning with a vengeance an even lower asking price: $37.5M. It re-listed yet again when broker Leonard Steinberg moved firms, and now some poor sod has bought the thing. The deal hasn't closed, but the price promises to be a good bit less than that $45 million pipe dream, and a good bit more than the $24 million JBJ paid in 2007.

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