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A Modest Proposal: Cover the Swiss Alps with Glass

Developers in Switzerland have announced plans to build the world's tallest hotel (1,250 feet, the same height as the Empire State Building) in a tiny Alpine village called Vals. The tower's designer, Thom Mayne, says that it is "a minimalist act" that will blend in with the Alps because "the tower's reflective skin and slender profile camouflage with the landscape." Clearly, that is not true, though, because the tower is enormous and made of glass and the Alps are also enormous and made of mountain. But what about this: why don't they just cover the Alps in glass? That way, the hotel would definitely blend in, and the Alps, which are beginning to look a little dated, would get the modern overhaul that, quite frankly, has been a long time coming. Boom, problem solved.

You're welcome, Switzerland.
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