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Rubbermaid's Design Center in Kalamazoo is Surprisingly Sleek

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It's somehow a relief to find out that purpose-built offices are still being built without quirky amenities, like goal posts or adult ballpits. The new Kalamazoo design center for cleaning product company Newell Rubbermaid shows how even a company that designs modest plastic trash bins and food storage containers needs a sleek minimalist office space. Perkins+Will designed a 40,000-square-foot space with extremely high ceilings, exposed beams, and a latticework canopy.

Large numbers line the walls, making the "immersion labs" easily identifiable from any side of the room. The designers chose materials native to Western Michigan, and created a wall in the reception area with end-grain Michigan ash assembled as if it were brick. The space also features lounges, and a row of indoor plants that bring color to an otherwise all-white and wood space. It's all very clean.

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