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Channel Your Inner Frank Lloyd Wright in the Architect's Former Plaza Pad

Storied American architect Frank Lloyd Wright had to sleep somewhere while overseeing the construction of his landmark Guggenheim Museum in New York. So, despite its lack of horizontal sight lines, Mayan-inspired concrete blocks, and Craftsman-inspired wood paneling, Wright installed himself in a pied-à-terre at the Plaza Hotel. The Frank Lloyd Wright suite sold five years ago (at a 40% loss to the sellers) but is now back on the market for a respectable $39.5 million following a gut renovation by Louis Lisboa of VL Architects and interior designer Susanna Maggard. The final product got the Architectural Digest treatment last November to showcase the updates: three additional bedrooms, reworked mechanical systems, and a six-inch ceiling height difference.

[Frank Lloyd Wright's Plaza suite office in 1955. Photo via Frank Lloyd Wright in New York: The Plaza Years.]