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Shigeru Ban Just Designed a Train Station/Spa Mash-Up

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2014 Pritzker winner Shigeru Ban has already proven he can build churches from cardboard, temporary elementary schools from paper tubes, and disaster relief housing from shipping containers. Now he's revamped the Onagawa railway station with a delightful new amenity: it now has a gorgeous bathhouse inside. The former rail station was destroyed in a tsunami that hit Japan's Miyagi prefecture in 2011, and just reopened last week. Ban's train station might be the cleanest in the universe, and unlike so many other country stations that don't even manage to find space for a waiting area, has a full-blown spa.

In order to inspire the town's ongoing redevelopment, local residents were invited to hand-paint tiles for two blue landscape murals in the spa areas. Clad in pale timbers, the building features Ban's classic latticed roof structure, visible from both the exterior and interior. Looks like the perfect spot to take a swim and miss a train.

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