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Facebook's New Frank Gehry-Designed Office: High Line or Hobbit Walmart?

Ever since it was unveiled in 2013, Facebook's scheme for its new Menlo Park headquarters has wrestled to contain twin impulses: enormousness and casualness, environmentalism and car dependency. When Gehry Partners came out with a design showing a cavernous office space on stilts, sandwiched between parking below and a roof garden above, the Observer opined that Facebook had basically hired Frank Gehry to build Mark Zuckerberg a hobbit hole in Palo Alto (read: Menlo Park). In Vanity Fair, Paul Goldberger called the design a workroom under a garden while worrying that it might end up resembling a convention center. Finally, over the weekend, Facebook began moving into the building—which sits just over the highway from its existing campus—and, judging from the photos Wired got ahold of, all of those things came true.

Constructing a new landscape. >>