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It's Hiring Time: Seeking Editor to Join Curbed National Team

Effective immediately, we're on the hunt for a full-time editor at Curbed National to join our growing team at Vox Media's NYC headquarters.

Think you have what it takes to lead Curbed National? There are a few key requirements: First, you must live in New York City (or be ready to relocate). You feel strongly about architecture, design, and anything home-related, and closely follow industry news and trends. Your tone is informative but not dry, and it's far from precious. And you're more than comfortable deploying a bustling team of on-staff writers and contributors.

Most importantly, you recognize that Curbed's voice is ever evolving and you're primed to experiment with novel forms of content. You can focus on the day-to-day reportage while manning original features, evergreen content in concert with our social media platforms, and stories that engage with our beloved city sites. In short, you can do it all and you have the editorial chops to prove it.

Interested parties: Please apply here!