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A Revealing Red-Brick Contemporary Relists in Chicago

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Location: Chicago, Illinois
Price: $2,200,000
Architect Brad Lynch of Brininstool + Lynch designed this narrow and deep Chicago home with a palette of brick, concrete, limestone, steel, and zinc, and had it built on the site of the bungalow he and his family shared for over a decade. First put on the market at $2.6M in 2010, it was relisted last week for $2.2M.

The 4,300-square-foot four-bedroom has garnered a number of awards and write-ups over the years. From the street, its most arresting feature is a window over ten feet high and fourteen feet wide, which reveals an open-plan first floor, and, through another plate of glass, the backyard. The sectioned-off main staircase, which has a welded steel frame, has been described as a "spine through the entire house."

Last June, one Curbed Chicago commenter noted that for this combo of price and neighborhood, "you should at least have a double lot." Now, according to another, "this is not selling because it does not have a powder room on the main entertainment floor."

More photos here.

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