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Translucent Canadian Snowcone Wins Winter Design Contest

The beaches of Toronto, where the average temperature for March is 30 degrees Fahrenheit, aren't the most popular spots for winter recreation. But what if there was a colorful, translucent egg sitting on the beach that looked part pinecone and part igloo? We're pretty sure you'd investigate. It's called Snowcone, and it's part of the Winter Stations Design Competition that kicked off this year with a call for designers and architects from all around the world to submit ideas for turning lifeguard stations into installations that exude warmth and make people want to head to the beach on a chilly winter afternoon.

Snowcone is the brainchild of Lily Jeon and Diana Koncan, who are students in the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University, according to Designboom. The installation is designed to be used as a warming hut, the white acrylic leaves catching snow that insulates the structure. We can think of a few winter trailheads that would benefit from an attractive hut on cold days.

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