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Now on eBay: A Town with a Starring Role in The Walking Dead

Fans of The Walking Dead or developers looking to cash in on some prime post-apocalyptic real estate will be happy to find out nine downtown buildings in Grantville, Georgia are up for sale. The little town in Georgia (population 3,000) was used as a location during Season 3 of AMC's extended take on the classic "zombies are here now but people are still the real jerks" trope, and sizable portion of it is now listed on eBay for $680K.

Grantville struggled after the closing of its cotton mill in 1991, and the obvious effects of its decline made it a prime candidate for a Walking Dead location. Former mayor Jim Sells purchased the property during foreclosure about four years ago, and says the town receives visitors from across the world: "Our main industry right now is 'Walking Dead' tourists," he tells Atlanta's WXIA TV. Sells says four movies are scheduled to shoot in Grantville in the coming months.

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