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Surreal Portal Opens Into Norwegian Cube Cabin

Students participating in a design-build workshop at the Bergen School of Architecture have constructed a unique rental cabin overlooking the city of Bergen, Norway. The most remarkable feature of the aptly named Tubakuba (aka Tuba Cube) is the minimalist tuba-shaped entryway. The surreal vortex-like opening was created using curved shavings of pine then skinned with untreated larch. The entryway opens into a 150-square foot cube with super-sized views of the city below. The micro cabin was built using 95-percent wood, which is evident inside and out—the interior consists of a loft bed above the tuba opening as well as bench seating and a wood burning stove.

This off-the-grid cabin is unique in more than its architecture; the goal of the build was to cater to young families offering an easy and positive first outdoor experience. The cabin is easily accessed via a tram running up the mountain every 15-30 minutes, which also accesses popular hiking trails. How very Scandinavian. Even more Scandinavian is that the cabin is rented for free to families with children. In fact the diminutive tuba opening was designed with youngsters in mind; we're thinking the Tubakuba experience has tent camping beat by a mile.

The only downside to this—the opening has been the "butt" of a few off color jokes, which, when you think about it, keeps with the children's theme.

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