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Inside 6 Lovely New York Landmarks That Almost Got Razed

As New York's landmarks law turns 50 this year, one way to commemorate is by remembering beautiful architecture the city lost. But for those inclined to see the glass as half full: we can also reflect on the hundreds of structures that the law saved—be they the earliest ones or more recent specimens, exterior or interior.

For the latter, the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) has put together an exhibition with over 80 images, from archival to specially commissioned, brand-new photography, of NYC's beautiful interior landmarks. The show, which divides the places into rescued, restored, and reimagined categories, opens on March 6 and runs through April 24 at the NYSID's gallery on the Upper East Side. Here now, a look at six of the stunning Landmarks Preservation Commission-annointed interiors that almost didn't make it to this day.

Photos and building histories, on Curbed NY. >>