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Sleep in a Glass Cube Atop a 200-Foot Ski Jump in Norway

Soaring 60 meters above the ground, the Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo, Norway is an imposing testament to the lengths some skiers will go to for an adrenaline rush. The 100-ton steel structure is also home to a secret glass hotel room open for one night to the winner of Airbnb's latest contest. The sleeping space is located at the top of the take-off ramp where skiers launch themselves into the air like flying squirrels. Inside, there's a bed covered with thick blankets, lots of contemporary Scandinavian furniture, and a living room artfully cluttered with items like binoculars and knitting baskets. "Spandex outfits are encouraged, but not mandatory," the listing on Airbnb notes. " The stay will not be commentated on, and no style-points will be issued."

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