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Architecture's Gimp Bracelet Moment Has Finally Arrived

Were gimp bracelets, the epitome of 1990s summer camp style, ever big in Japan? The colorful façade of this office building in Tokyo would seem to suggest so. The interlocking aluminum strips of dusky red, maroon, purple, Bengal red, and reddish brown on four sections of the building were designed by Aisaka Architects Atelier to complement the surrounding structures, including a fire station across the street.
The curvaceous aluminum ribbons are only two millimeter thick, and block large sections of the otherwise-glassy Keiun Building from being overheated by the sun. The fact that they evoke the popular plastic lanyards of decades past is just a bonus. "I hope this building, like a sunset mackerel sky, will make the people on Fire Street feel auspicious on the way to Yoyogi Gymnasium, an Olympic site in 2020," the architects told Morfae. Photos, below:

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