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John Derian's Seaside Retreat Has Charming Scuffs and Tatters

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A French fringed armchair from 1850. A china bowl from 1880. Vintage paintings and drawings. All these sundry artifacts of yore come together comfortably in the vacation house of John Derian, the home goods designer who also sells all sorts of antique curios in his shop in Manhattan's East Village. Derian purchased this 1789 house in Provincetown, Massachusetts a few years ago. Per the previous owner's request, he maintained the original layout of home, and on his own accord, kept the original '30s wallpaper and stained wooden floors as well. The rest of the home, as revealed in Arch Digest España's tour of the place, is full of Derian's own eccentric, rustic touches.

Looking cozily-ramshackled, the home keeps a cluster of plush vintage sofas and armchairs in the ground floor living and dining area. Upstairs, bedrooms are furnished with various 19th and 20th century chairs, tables, and lamps.

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