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A Walking, Talking Peanut with a Sweet Midcentury Furniture Collection Needs Your Help

Today we have a call for help from an unlikely source. Pete Peanut and his human collaborators Sean Hewens and Mimi O Chun launched a Kickstarter campaign to help tell Pete's story, Pete Peanut and the Trouble with Birthdays. According to its authors, the book "touches on contemporary human themes ranging from our collective tendency toward self-absorption to our preoccupation with aging." It also features some pretty adorable and stylish miniature furniture.

Pete Peanut lives in a tiny house (his SF rent was calculated at $2.06, somehow) with tiny, modernist furniture and some colorful artwork to match.

All of the pieces, via a press release:

Row 1 (left to right): George Nelson Case Study bed and nightstand, Arco floor lamp, Barnett Newman's Vir Heroicus Sublimis. Row 2: Helen Frankenthaler's Robinson's Wrap, Florence Knoll credenza, Eero Saarinen side chairs, Pro Ject turntable. Row 3: Florence Knoll sofa, Mid-century-inspired side and coffee table, Finn Juhl Japan chairs. Row 4: Donald Wexler's Palm Springs house. Row 5: A-Frame House in Sienna National Forest, Rodney Graham's Inverted Drip Painting #43, Danish Modern-inspired sideboard, Josef Albers' Homage to the Square, Isamu Noguchi coffee table. Row 6: Danish Modern-inspired desk and chair with Olivetti Valentine typewriter, Eero Saarinen side table, Florence Knoll lounge chair.

Pete seems like a pretty lovable guy, in a Marcel the Shell vein. Backers of his Kickstarter will receive a copy of the book, while those who step up their contribution a few notches will get a character modeled after them. That's right—you as a peanut, hanging out with Pete, and his friends cheesy poof and a mini-pretzel.

· Pete Peanut and the Trouble with Birthdays [Kickstarter]