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Jean Nouvel to Paris Concert Hall: Don't Use My Name

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Jean Nouvel wanted his latest project, the Philharmonie de Paris, to open "with dignity" in the fall. Instead, the €455M concert hall opened to the public in mid-January after eight years of work, against the architect's strong objections. Nouvel boycotted the Philharmonie's opening gala, and wrote several editorials insisting that the showpiece classical music hall was "not finished," and had never had any acoustic testing. Now, the architect has taken his grievances to the French courts, with a lawsuit demanding that his name and image be removed from all references to the cultural institution.
In his suit, Nouvel asks that the Philharmonie be ordered to renovate 26 areas that he says do not conform to his original design. According to Arch Daily, these "non-compliance" areas include "parapets, fireplaces, facades, the promenade and 2,400-seat concert hall itself." Until these amendments are made, Nouvel seeks to disassociate himself fully from the project. A decision is expected on April 16, 2015.

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