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Professor Dumpster Ditches Dumpster for Strangers' Couches

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As of last month, Jeff Wilson, an environmental sciences professor at Austin's Huston-Tillotson University, had spent one full year living in a 36-square-foot converted receptacle on campus, all while preaching to hundreds of media outlets about the marvel of small living under his wacky alter ego, Professor Dumpster. But now, after all that ballyhoo, it looks like Professor Dumpster is ready to leave that 6x6 Oscar the Grouch life behind. In fact, as a recent Washington Post profile reports, Professor Dumpster has officially vacated the AC-equipped, cutely-furnished green bin—but rest assured, he's not eager to haul back to an conventional apartment by any means.

Indeed, Professor Dumpster (if he can still be called that) has a new housing experiment: instead of living-with-next-to-nothing in his own spruced-up trash receptacle, he'll just be living-with-next-to-nothing on a bunch of other people's couches. Though he's moved into his girlfriend's house for the time being, the soon-to-launch project, "99 Nights ATX," will have Wilson spending 99 nights in 99 different Austin-area dwellings, and in the process, investigating "what makes a house a home." Anyway, it looks like Clara Bensen, the writer who was (is?) dating Professor Dumpster (and wrote about it) is all aboard with Wilson's next gimmick: she'll be compiling "short stories to accompany each home."