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Frank Gehry Once Sent Jay Z a James Joyce Anthology

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Great costume and paper-rolling music man Frank Gehry told a really embarrassing story during a panel discussion at SCI-Arc on Wednesday night, about the time he tried to Gehr-splain rap music to Jay Z:
Ah, James Joyce. I met this guy Jay Z years ago. I sat next to him at lunch, and I didn't know much about bippity boppity. I said to him, who was the first rapper? I didn't know what else to say. He gave me a few names that sounded like bippity boppity, and I said, "Would you consider James Joyce?" He said, "Who dat?" So I sent him a complete works of James Joyce. It sounds pure rap.We've reached out to Jay Z's reps about whether he ever read The Complete Works of James Joyce, or sent Gehry a thank-you note, and how he felt about this ham-fisted attempt at connection, and will update this post when we hear back.
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