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One New Yorker's Quest To Find The Best Building Numbers

Grills in Chelsea

A photo posted by Will Sharon (@willsharon1015) on

Last summer, a broker started photographing the numbers affixed to different buildings across New York City—ranging from the standard sticker to more whimsical, ornamented carvings. Then Town's Will Sharon discovered Instagram. Now, he's amassed an archive of 2,000 images. And, as of January 1, he's posted an address photo that corresponds to the day of the year. For example, March 6 is number 65. He captions them with the neighborhood, some short commentary, and the hashtag #NumbersofNewYork. Surprised by the following he's gotten, Sharon has also launched a website where readers can sort through the building numbers by neighborhood. Curbed talked to Sharon about his favorite numbers, how he shoots, and why he's enamored with this tiny part of the streetscape. (And do scroll through the whole feed; it's lovely, and addictive.)

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