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World's Worst Homeowners Association Changes Its Mind, Allows 6-Year-Old Girl Her Make-a-Wish Playhouse

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Ella Scultz, a 6-year-old with leukemia, wants a playhouse in her backyard—a totally reasonable wish under any circumstance. The Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted Schultz's parents with the news that they would grant Ella her wish in collaboration with national construction company J.E. Dunn, which would design and build the structure. In a pretty dark turn, the homeowners association in her family's neighborhood in Raymore, Missouri intervened, but three cheers for internet outrage! The upstanding members of the Stone Gate Homeowner's Association have, after about a week of hot debate, found their too-small hearts and reversed course.

The HOA's board president Stacy Bayers originally held that the proposed plan was "a violation of our covenants," even though J.E. Dunn planned to ensure the shingles matched those of adult-sized homes in the neighborhood. In a startling reversal that absolutely no one could have expected, given how this made Stone Gate look, the HOA released the following statement:

"Today, we are happy to share that we have reached a positive resolution to ensure Ella's playhouse will be constructed. Our board met with J.E. Dunn Construction and Make a Wish to gather additional information, and while we still have a few details and timelines to work out, we collectively reached the conclusion that Ella will get her wish. We couldn't be more pleased to see that happen."Uh-huh. As if people needed another reason to love homeowners associations.

·Homeowners Association Changes Decision After Denying 6-Year-Old With Leukemia's Make-A-Wish Playhouse [ABC7]