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Traditional Aussie Cottage Gets a Sleek, Bright Annex

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Joining a growing cohort of suburban Australian homes with surprising extensions, this petite late-Victorian cottage in Sandringham, Australia got its modern twist by way of a shipping container-inspired addition. The renovation, completed by Melbourne-based firm Techné Architecture, who previously embedded concrete pipes in an Art Deco pub, brings the home up to four bedrooms, with an open-plan living area that's immediately connected to the rear garden.

Working with Australian interior design firm Doherty Design Studio Techné also brought plenty of unexpected touches inside the home. Separating the original space from the contemporary extension, for example, is a perforated black mesh screen that has cut-outs designed especially for vases from Australian jewelry and home decor brand Dinosaur Designs. Meanwhile, the stairway to the newly-added second floor is a storm of bright colors and graphics: three irregular timber steps lead up to a bright red carpeting, which is all next to a white sliding door with blue dripped paint, and a checkerboard pantry with 14 circular cut-outs for wine (the client owns a pub.)

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