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Watch a 218-Ton Home Move Through Fargo, North Dakota

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Ever watch a 218-ton home get trucked through Fargo, North Dakota before? I hadn't either, until this morning, when I watched Scott Adelman moving his new 4,500-square-foot home, which he purchased for $70K, through Fargo, North Dakota.

Just look at it go!

Really chugging along, there.

*Dramatic close-up*

This part's making some progress!

Er, it was.

Hold up, it's really picking up speed here!

Ah, sorry, just looks that way because we're in a moving car.

Check out this dude. He's leading the charge!

Takes a whole village to move a 218-ton house through Fargo, North Dakota.

Really getting a kick out of watching this house, and how fast it's going.

Pretty fast, for a house!

Go house, go!

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