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The Results Are In: Skiers Are Skeptical of Mountain Accord

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Last week, Curbed Ski ran a straw poll asking readers their opinion on Utah's controversial plan to save the Wasatch Mountains, called Mountain Accord. A consortium of 20 public and private entities working together to solve challenges in transportation, the environment, recreation, and the economy, Mountain Accord has recently come under attack at public meetings, most notably in Park City. With this in mind, Curbed Ski wanted to determine where our readers stood on the matter.

Everyone from environmentalists to transportation officials have worked on the Mountain Accord blueprint, and it represents what some see as a possible compromise between interest groups that rarely see eye to eye. Highlights of the proposal include a tunnel linking Alta and Brighton, a train running up Little Cottonwood Canyon, and an array of major land exchanges (read about the full plan over here).

So we asked, "Do you think Mountain Accord is a good plan for the Wasatch?" Only 28% said yes, Mountain Accord is a step in the right direction, with most responders arguing no, there are too many problems. This is in stark contrast to a different survey we conducted in September, 2014 where we asked readers how they felt about ONE Wasatch, a Ski Utah-approved plan to connect all seven Wasatch ski areas with three lifts. When asked about ONE Wasatch, 68.8% of Curbed Ski readers favored the idea. It looks like Mountain Accord has some work to do.

Mountain Accord is accepting public comment on their blueprint until March 16, so make sure to head over here and voice your opinion.

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