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Keep the Back-to-Land Spirit Alive in an $896K Earthen Shelter

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Location: Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Price: $896,000
Though this contemporary earth-berm home in the Colorado town of Pagosa Springs may harken back to ancient building styles, especially with the "Anazi-esque" sandstone tower rising out of it, it is called Asterisk, for its floorplan's resemblance to the typographical character "*". Back-to-landers will be happy to read about its full passive solar heating capabilities, or may be content simply to appreciate seeing the spirit of utopian-leaning '70s home design distilled in 2,640 square feet.

The six barrel-vaulted branches contain two bedrooms (each with a loft above them accessed from the main living area), a fireplace-equipped lounge, a kitchen, a garage, and the base of that tower, which has six levels, each built with remilled North Carolina tobacco-barn wood floors. Encased in thin-shell concrete and packaged with seven rolling acres, Asterisk is now listed for $896K.

Asterisk [Sotheby's International]