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Mega-Snow Spot Mt. Baker Closes for Want of Snow

Mt. Baker, Washington is one of the snowiest places in North America, boasting the highest average annual snowfall of any U.S. ski area with 682 inches. In good years, the small ski area just south of the Canadian border can see over 800 inches in a single year, and in 1999 they recorded a world-record of 1,140 inches in a single season. This year? Not so much. As of March 8, Mt. Baker hadn't even hit the 200-inch mark and this Instagram photo from a few days ago shows big patches of brown on the slopes. Unable to combat the warm temperatures and lack of snow, the resort announced over the weekend that they would be temporarily closing. Snow lovers in the Pacific Northwest all hope that a good storm cycle could reopen the ski area. One or two big storms could allow the lifts to run into May, but it's going to take a lot of snow dancing to turn this forecast around.
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