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Spain's 'Ghost Villages' are the Hot New Retirement Destination

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As of January 2015, the unemployment rate in Spain had climbed to 24%, causing thousands of Spaniards to flee their homes in search of work elsewhere, leaving entire villages (small ones, at least) on the market for as little as £50,000 (~$75,000.) Now, according to the Daily Mail (grain of salt alert), Brits looking for a nice place in the countryside to retire are taking advantage of the low prices.

One such coastal region is Galicia, where Mark Adkinson of Galician Country Homes has been living for 39 years. Adkinson specializes in "renovation properties," according to his website, where he has several abandoned, antique properties listed.

One of cheapest abandoned homes (in the Orense region) is for sale for €16,000 (~$17,400). The two-story home on approximately 4,500-square-meters (more than an acre) comes with a kind of spooky vineyard.

Another option is a 1,000-square-meter space enclosed by a stone wall in Borela, Cotobade. Although it's in ruins, it features what might have once been a cute inside patio and an oven. Electrics and water are also included, apparently!

Don't be discouraged by the apparent blight—once restored, these abandoned homes could look something like this 19th century Galician country house in Baiona Pontevedra. Restored in 2002, it's now listed at €500,000 (~$543K.) Think of it as inspiration for what one of these properties could one day look like. And to think, all it took was a financial crisis driving out all the inhabitants.

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