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My City: Pitting Chicago vs. LA (and More!) in the Ultimate Dream Home Challenge

Curbed has partnered with the FYI network for My City's Just Not That Into Me, a show matching intrepid city dwellers with their ideal piece of real estate. Tune in on FYI every Wednesday at 10pm ET for back-to-back episodes of the series, then visit Curbed for extra listings and real estate-hunting tips related to the episode. Thinking about breaking up with your city? Good luck!

On this season's final episodes of FYI's original series, My City's Just Not That Into Me, Neil and Niki have fallen out of love with their hometown of Chicago, while Mary and Jake are just so over Los Angeles. The couples flirt with the idea of living in Charleston, S.C., Portland, OR., Boise, ID., and Louisville, KY. Which would you choose? Here, let us help you decide with a swoon-worthy selection of abodes for sale sprinkles around Los Angeles and Chicago.

Looking for a new city to call home? Sashay on over to the My City Personality Quiz — which is like online dating, but for cities.

My City's Just Not That Into Me is hosted by real estate extraordinaire Courtney Poulos, who won the 2012 Hottest Broker Contest over at Curbed LA.

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