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10 Rare Shots of Frida Kahlo's Life at Home in Mexico City

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Famed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo spent the final years of her life at home in the Coyoacán neighborhood of Mexico City, before passing away in 1954 at age 47. During this time, she befriended French portrait photographer Gisèle Freund, who would embed herself in Kahlo's private life and emerge with some of the last photos ever taken of the artist. And now in Frida Kahlo: The Gisèle Freund Photographs, a new volume out from Abrams Books, over a hundred of these shots, many of which have never been published before, are showcased altogether, along with texts from Kahlo's biographer Gérard de Cortanze, art historian Lorraine Audric, and Freund herself.

The photos selected here highlight breathtaking peeks into Kahlo's life at home, whether it'd be lounging in bed, painting, or strolling around the garden with her dogs.

· Frida Kahlo: The Gisèle Freund Photographs [official site]