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Confused Breckenridge Mansion Asking $5.9 Million is Half Spaceport, Half Wannabe Bond Lair

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Modern homes are all the rage in ski country, proving that not everyone is all about the timber, A-Frames, and log cabins. But sometimes it just doesn't work out quite as planned. This 9,413-square-foot house asking $5.9 million in Breckenridge, Colorado, goes all in on contemporary design, but parts of it fall flat. We can't decide if the multi-level glass windows look like an intergalactic spaceport ready to welcome skiers from across the universe or a sad, wannabe Bond lair that just didn't make the cut. Inside, there's nothing obviously offensive about the house's 7 bedrooms, 9 baths, and over-the-top 7 fireplaces. But from the light fixtures to the weird two-toned fireplace in the living room, this place is just trying too hard.

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