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This Dark Wooden Box Hides the Ultimate Book Lover's Escape

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Take note bookworms: this new private library extension for a stone house on the northern coast of France is one incredible way to house an expanding book collection. Recently completed by Paris-based architect Antonin Ziegler, the 645-square-foot timber volume contains three sides of large glass windows, which open up to cliff-top views of the village and the sea, and one entire wall of wooden shelves for nothing but books.

"Cliffs Impasse," as the project is called, also includes a garage concealed by a foldaway front façade. The exterior is clad in plywood that's been blackened with pine tar, which as Dezeen notes, is a "sticky preservative used to weatherproof maritime structures." Inside, pale plywood covers the floors, wall of shelves, plus an additional strip of shelving that hangs from the ceiling.

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