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SF's Swanky New Tech Shuttle Looks Like a Living Room Inside

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The San Francisco tech bus has now opened for the masses, tech or otherwise, with a new shuttle service called Leap. For $6 a ride, riders can hop on the swanky shuttle and use its Wi-Fi, charging stations, or purchase a snack (all healthy, local, and expensive, of course). Designed to feel like a relaxing, tech-y living room instead of an overcrowded bus, the spacious interior is surprisingly sleek.

The back of the bus has couch-like seating designed for socializing, the front has front-facing seats for those who prefer silence in the morning, and along the side is a laptop bar for getting a "jump start" on work. Although it's strange to think about how services like these might divide public transit users between those who are willing to wait for the old school kind, and those who prefer to sip a pricey ice coffee on the way to work, it does look really nice inside, not to mention roomy. It might even mean the dream of getting a date on a bus becomes a reality again.

Naturally, the Leap app is extremely efficient and allows riders to track buses in real-time and view how many seats are available. Buses run during peak commuting hours (7am -10am and 5pm - 8pm) and from the Marina through Downtown.

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