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Jack Nicholson Reportedly Had a Secret Tunnel Into the Playboy Mansion uncovered some 1977 Polaroids of a mysterious excavation at the Playboy Mansion, which have given rise to a possibly apocryphal rumor that the male celebrities who lived in the vicinity of the mansion in the '70s and '80s—notably, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, James Caan, and Kirk Douglas—had private tunnel entrances. Whether or not the rumor is true seems irrelevant, though, as it would have happened nearly four decades ago and we've all clearly chosen to believe it. Even if it's all made up, if you approached Jack Nicholson today and told him that he had a secret tunnel into the Playboy Mansion in the '70s, he would probably be like, "Uh... that sounds about right." One can only hope that he said, "Heeeeere's Johnny!" every time he popped his head up through the trap door. Anyway, out of all the secret entrance rumors this week, this is one by far the most fun.

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