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Don't Play Google Maps Pac-Man If You Want to Get Anything Done Ever Again

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Apparently in advance of April Fools Day, Google has unveiled a new feature that allows you to play Pac-Man using a section of real streets from basically anywhere in the world. It's pretty self-explanatory, but here's a rundown of how to play.

1) Go to Google Maps.
2) Search for your address.
3) Click the little Pac-Man button in the bottom left corner.
4) Play Pac-Man.
5) Say to yourself, "That was fun!"
6) Search for the address of your childhood home.
7) Search for the address of the place that you work.
8) Come to forty years later. Realize that you now have a beard that has grown down to your knees, your body is old and brittle, and the world outside your window has changed so drastically as to become completely unrecognizable.

If you were wondering where the prank comes in, it's that you just wasted your entire life playing Pac-Man. Happy April Fools Day.

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