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Giant Ball Pits Should Be the Next Big Architecture Trend

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The National Building Museum in DC has announced that it will soon feature an installation titled "The BEACH," with one million recyclable translucent plastic balls. Last week, the new Facebook offices also featured (briefly) a ball pit. The confluence of these two events has us wondering: why aren't there more ball pits—serious, permanent ball pits—for grownups? Everybody clearly wants to play in a ball pit. You want to play in a ball pit. Don't even pretend you don't. You might not want to admit it, even to yourself, but it's true, and the tragedy is that you'll probably never get to play in another ball pit for the rest of your life. Fancy condo buildings should start offering these things as amenities. It could easily be passed off as some kind of newfangled stress-reducing technique. Come on, let's do it. This is a serious opinion.
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