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Playful Brooklyn Loft Comes with its Own Treehouse and Cabin

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How do you turn a studio apartment into a "three-room" kingdom? For Brooklyn artist couple Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza, the answer is in the high ceilings of their Bushwick loft, which have conveniently allowed them to build an indoor treehouse and pitched cabin. Featured in a new piece over on Curbed's sister site, Racked NY, the space looks much more dynamic and lived-in than it did in these photos from a year ago. The freestanding wooden structures, which are now occupied as a bedroom and office, have been enlivened with Moroccan rugs, hanging plants, and cheerful gallery walls.

Intrigued? The home doesn't appear to be on AirBnb anymore, but the couple does rent it out on occasion, when they're out of town. The rate? $2,310 a month. Below, a closer look:

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