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Sonia Rykiel Paris Concept Shop is Fit For a Sexy Librarian

The Sonia Rykiel flagship store in Paris has been transformed into a library-style pop-up with books lining the walls like a literary wallpaper. Swedish-Portuguese artist André Saraiva and art director Thomas Lenthal redesigned the boutique to include dazzling red accents, shelves upon shelves of books, and purple carpet with a motif of a red-and-pink lips, books, and cigarettes. It's a sexy librarian's dream.

Mannequins wearing Sonia Rykiel mingle between the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that line the space, similar to the Sorbonne-adjacent librairies just up the road on Boulevard Saint-Germain. With its bright red walls, mirror-clad tables, and heavily patterned purple carpet, the effect is an almost comical juxtaposition of fashion meets paperback.

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