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This Wild Home in Seoul Takes Roof Gardens to the Extremes

All photos by <a href="">Sergio Perrone</a> via <a href="">Arch Daily</a>
All photos by Sergio Perrone via Arch Daily

Looking like the lovechild of Daniel Libeskind's jaggedy creations and Moon Hoon's greatest follies, this "Blooming House" from Seoul-based firm Iroje Khm Architects is ready for your judgment. Confronted with a sloped and irregularly-shaped site, the designers responded with an equally dramatic and odd dwelling. Its angular façades shield the 4,750-square-foot residence from neighboring buildings, all the while forming more leafy courtyards than one could reasonably know what to do with. There's a "forecourt garden," "inner court garden," "stair garden," "waterfall garden," "roof garden"…granted, the client's number one requirement was "living in nature."

This "architectural hill," as the designers call it, is supposed to "harmonize" with the surrounding context, namely the "Bukhansan" urban mountain on the northern edge of Seoul. Inside, the bright home truly owns up to the angular aesthetic—note the sharp-edged kitchen cabinets and bathroom sink.

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