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On the Red Sox's Opening Day, Mapping the Construction Around Fenway Park

As the World's Drunkest Baseball FansTM stumble toward urban-farming pioneer Fenway Park for the Red Sox's season opener against the Nationals today, they may notice some of the construction going on around the tiny big-time ballpark. Yes, Fenway (the neighborhood) has seen a lot of development in recent years and is slated to see a lot more. Projects such as the Landmark Center expansion and 1350 Boylston Street are getting underway. Ones such as the Viridian and the Van Ness are finishing up and readying for move-ins. All totaled, these projects will add around 2,200 new condos and apartments to the area and our map covers all of 'em: developments under way, or close to it, as well as those just recently finished.

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