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The White House Bowling Alley Is Sad

Having a bowling alley—really, any type of bowling alley—in your house is pretty cool, but that said, the White House bowling alley is sad as hell. "Veep" star Matt Walsh, who got a look at the alley during the White House Correspondents' Dinner, recently confirmed as much, telling the Post, "If Obama's listening, let's just spend a little money to clean up those lanes. They're pretty beat. I'll start a bill, I'll sign a petition to fix that place. I'm not kidding . . . It's like a crappy suburban bowling alley." Indeed, that is exactly what it looks like, as the above photo was taken in 2008 and we can only imagine what kind of rough shape the lanes are in these days.

Richard Nixon. There was a man who knew his way around a bowling alley. Let's bring back that wallpaper, at least.