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Lakeside Lantern a Glowing Tribute To Irish Poet

According to the poem by W.B. Yeats, the Lake Isle of Innisfree is a place where "midnight's all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow" and "peace comes dropping slow." It sounds like a nice place to build a cabin, which may explain why it was also the inspiration for an architecture contest celebrating the Irish poet's 150th birthday. Sponsored in part by Irish university IT Sligo, the Yeats 2015 Architectural Competition asked designers to interpret the famous verse and take advantage of a rare opportunity to stage a temporary intervention in a protected landscape, receiving more than 100 entries before the mid-March deadline. The winner, Square Moon, designed by Yong ho Shin and John Randle of Anglo-Korean studio shindesignworks, executed a simple concept well, placing a luminous lantern within an aluminum frame.

The cabin concept will be realized, albeit temporarily, on Yeats' birthday, June 13, when it will be installed along the jetty area of the actual Isle of Innisfree in Western Ireland. Afterwards, the winning structure be moved to its permanent home on the campus of IT Sligo. No guarantees its new setting will be nearly as inspiring.

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