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Walking Down This Glass Hallway Seems Like It Would Be Really Nervewracking

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While this see-through hallway from a house in Belgium does look cool, or at the very least unique, actually having to walk across it every time you wanted to get from one part of the house to another seems like it would add to an unnecessary amount of stress (vertigo- and hope-this-hallway-doesn't-break-related) to your daily life. Speaking of which, what other adventurous yet frightening home features would you put up with in the name of design?

· A bed that's hung from the ceiling with extremely thin, basically invisible strings
· A staircase made out of papier mache
· A land bridge that only exists if you believe in it, like the one from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, between the foyer and dining room
· An attic that's only accessible via a ladder made out of hair
· Anti-gravity kitchen

· The See-Through Trend Continues…. [Contemporist]