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Glitzy Hollywood Hills Retreat Once Housed Rock Hudson's Handsome Beau

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Tucked into the Lake Hollywood Knolls community of the Hollywood Hills, this house has come a looooong way since we last saw it in 2011, when it was decidedly more, um, funky. Thanks to a 2014 renovation, the place has really leveled up, and now includes energy-saving windows, stainless in the kitchen, and an overall less dark-and-dank feeling (still kinda eighties, though). Designed by Lorand West, who designed for LA restaurants like Morton's and The Ivy, this was rumored to have been his personal residence for a time. Somewhere along the line, mid-century hunk Rock Hudson's lover, Marc Christian MacGinnis, also called it home, says the LA Times.

Circular fireplace and helipad! >>