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Rustic Prefab Cabin Speeds Up Your Escape from Society

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A prefab cabin set in the foothills of Oroville, Washington, Sky House offers a modern take on the rusted mining shacks found in this remote part of the northwest. Vancouver-based architect Jesse Garlick designed the 850-square-foot space to transcend its relatively tiny dimensions using space-savings tricks, such as hiding a bathtub below the ground floor daybed and positioning sliding glass panels so the kitchen can spill outside in the summer. As befitting a structure signifying self-reliance, Garlick also managed to maintain a small footprint with passive methods such as stack ventilation, solar power and mineral-wool-insulated walls.

The interior of exposed, cross-laminated timber panels contrasts with the roughhewn exterior, clad with sheets of unfinished steel that fade into a rusty red, designed to match the color of the area's bedrock. Large south facing windows provide expansive views of the foothills, while smaller windows frame a distant lake and an abandoned homesteaders cabin. It makes for an appropriate space to breathe and forget cities ever existed.

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