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Thanks a Lot, Man Caves, Now We Have 'She Sheds'

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"Man caves," probably the least endearing interior design trend of the last half century, have apparently given rise to a thing called "she sheds," which, like their male counterparts, seem specifically designed for people who dislike their spouse's interests to the extent that being in the same room is actively uncomfortable. They are, in a word, depressing. The standard-issue man cave, for MEN who like MAN THINGS like FOOTBALL that women could NEVER UNDERSTAND, at least comes equipped with an activity or two, like a TV or a pool table. She sheds, on the other hand, are basically just decorated closets—infantilizing, human-sized doll houses—with, at most, a couch and a lamp. Being able to sit silently in a shed is a real "marriage saver," according to the fans of this trend.

As of today, Curbed would like to humbly propose a ban on both man caves and she sheds, or, rather, a ban on the celebration of any room designed specifically as a means to hide from the opposite gender. If you want to put a leather couch in your basement and tell your wife she's not allowed to come down there, sure, go ahead. And if your wife, in turn, decides that the appropriate response to that is to sit on a couch in a wallpapered room in the backyard, that's her prerogative. But let's try not to be so pleased with ourselves about it.
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