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Coyotes Moving In, Gentrifying New York City

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A wild coyote was seen wandering around the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea yesterday, and was captured by the police even though it probably just wanted to check out some stores and maybe get a bite to eat. This follows an incident last month where another coyote was spotted in Queens and one expert tells the Daily News, "There [have been] coyotes successfully breeding in the Bronx for several years." The trend could not be more clear: coyotes are on the verge of re-gentrifying New York City. What was once all graffiti and record stores and is now all luxury condos and pharmacy chains will soon be filled with coyote bars, adult coyote kickball leagues, and food trucks serving artisanally prepared road runner. Damn coyotes.
· NYPD Captures Coyote in Chelsea Courtyard [NY1]