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Beatles Fans, Google's Abbey Road Virtual Tour is Marvelous

Google has teamed up with Abbey Road Studio, the iconic London address where the Beatles created musical masterpieces, to build a virtual 360-degree tour. Now that Google Maps Pac-Man is dead, this may become your preferred method of procrastination. Visitors to Inside Abbey Road can see where the Fab Four, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder and many others recorded, search through archival photos, watch YouTube clips and listen to audio within a recreation of a historical studio that has never opened to the public, until now.

The experience, loaded with media options, suggests a new platform for Google and additional possibilities for virtual tourism. Visitors can hang out while The London Symphony Orchestra performs Final Fantasy VII, play with the equipment the Beatles used and record your own hit, or reminisce while Amy Winehouse sings with Tony Bennett. Audiophiles can even look through Abbey Road's extensive mic collection. Different virtual tours, like the "Experiments in Sound tour" with the Head of Audio Products Mirek Stiles, provide a more guided experience. Thanks Google! We love you. Watch a preview of Inside Abbey Road below and head here to get started.

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