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Meet the Train Nerd Mapping America's Abandoned Rail Lines

The remnants of abandoned train lines are still visible to this day, often drawing curiosity from those David Edmonson calls "legacy train nerds." As a railway enthusiast himself, Edmonson wanted to know where these train lines once ran and decided to take it upon himself to map each line on a colorful, subway-style map. Utilizing 1930's railway timetables, he's completed a map of the San Francisco Bay Area's historical trains and is currently working on one for the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore areas. To create these and more maps, Edmonson started a Kickstarter project with a $250 goal that has already been exceeded and is currently heading towards $1,000. Edmonson spoke about his cartographic crusade with Curbed DC, explaining what inspired him to start this project and what other areas of the U.S. he hopes to cover.

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