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Hey, At Least You Don't Live in a Survival Orb on an Iceberg

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Is your apartment on the small side? Did you have throw out all your furniture when you moved in? Can you reach from the bed to the refrigerator? Does the window stick, and the radiator rattle, and the upstairs neighbors do whatever upstairs neighbors do at all hours of the night? Well, take comfort in the fact that at least you don't live in a survival orb on an iceberg off the coast of Greenland. The actual inhabitant of this orb, an Italian explorer, doesn't actually seem to think he'll mind that much, though. Per Outside, "'I fell in love with the capsule,' says Bellini. 'I'm in good hands.' He selected a three-meter, ten-person version, for which he'll design his own interior." That sounds like a fun design process. He could... hang up a photo! Or a single leaf or something.
· How a Giant Ball Will Help This Man Survive a Year on an Iceberg [Outside, via Gizmodo]